What Causes Inflammation?

Common causes of inflammation that people experience where the skin becomes hot to
the touch, swollen, and painful include sunburn, a twisted ankle, or an insect bite.

Remember, inflammation is our body's way of notifying us that there is damage; and most
importantly, the way our defence system keeps invaders from entering our body and
causing serious injury.

Keep in mind that if this inflammation becomes chronic or low grade, our immune cells stay active which can cause serious damage to good tissue. If this chronic inflammation is left unresolved it will create other diseases, leading to a very painful and
damaging inflamed state - attacking the joints, organs, or arteries.

As discussed previously, inflammation is an effective method of ensuring that
invaders do not enter our bodies and create problems. Invaders can enter
from such things as a cut or sunburn.

But outward origins like: stress, parasites, viruses, bacteria,
environmental poisons, sugar, overeating (obesity), smoking, and
high blood insulin are just a few other causes of inflammation.


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