Micro nutrition is a powerful scientific approach that allows nutrients to be absorbed directly at cellular level.

•  Micro-nutrients are ‘bio-available’ – that is, can be easily absorbed directly into the cells in our bodies

•  Scientifically designed release rates and quantities mean that everything is absorbed to maximum

   benefit, each element reinforcing the effectiveness of the others.

•  Micro nutrition allows up to 98% absorption, which means that nothing is wasted.


Power of Arginine and Micro nutrition combined

Food absorption depends on the health of the ‘villi’ in our gut, which take the nutrients from the food into our bodies. Pollutants and poor diet cause the villi to become coated with a mucous that dramatically reduces absorption.

So, however healthily we eat, we do not get the full benefit of the nutrients.

Arginine combined with the micro nutrition found in the Pink Health Drink package cleans the villi
and causes them to work properly again, absorbing all of the nutrition from the food that we eat.


The Pink Health Drink package contains every element of nutrition essential to our health

Plus over 100 different plant botanical factors, each beneficial to our health

Plus 20mg per day of co-enzyme Q10

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