The method of diagnosing not only diagnosis the ailment, but it also indicates the optimum remedy required. Once these have been identified we are able to give the exact remedies made Homoeopathically to the patient who take these over several month. This method is called Clinical Homeopathy. It is a tried and tested way of treating various conditions safely for all ages. This diagnostic method whereby the entire body can be checked
non-invasively,has been used since 1953 successfully.

To find these conditions, first we take a full family history of the parents grandparents etc.
and what has physically been identified or diagnosed already by your own physician. At this consultation you would have a Galvanic Skin Reaction Test identifying the inherited
conditions of Cystic Fibrosis:This is non-invasive. We would test for more at a later date
after first clearing the ones already identified. The selected remedies are then taken
over6 week periods; then the patient would come back for other appointment to check
the progress... meaning we would continue until they were all gone. Any other
inherited conditions found would be treat the same way until they are all gone.

As with all of the patients that come here with varying conditions, we cannot
put a time span on how long it will take or affect a total cure, as all are
different. But what we do find we normally are affective in treating.

Betty Clarke is a qualified Clinical Homeopath specialising in Bacteria,
Parasites, Viruses, Fungal conditions, Allergies and Intolerances with
many years of experience in her field of healing using Bio-Electronic
Functions Diagnostic as a proven method to diagnose.

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