Benefits of Arginine for Athletes

Accepted by the Olympic Committee

Athletes using arginine supplements have won Gold medals. Arginine supplements are used and promoted by famous world-class athletes who have used arginine during their careers and in their competition events. ARK 1TM is legal for use in Olympic games, IFBB world body building competitions, WPF power lifting events, fitness pageants, NFL events, NBA events, the Iron Man competition, and any other sports events.

Dietary supplements not drug

ARK 1TM has non-drug status because it does not contain illegal or drug-status pharmaceutical HGH or ingredients which are harmful to humans. Natural peak growth hormones (GH) levels occur 20
minutes after exercise and during Delta sleep. ARK 1TMaccesses the dietary-induced HGH
pathway in humans evidenced in hundreds of growth hormone clinical studies. The human
body produces its own growth hormone naturally through the anterior pituitary gland
making Trophic hormones, and as such can be promoted by administration of a natural
Homeostatic HGH protocol.

Low glycaemic

Research has shown that a high glyceamic reaction, in drink or food form,
attenuates (weakens) GH levels. A high fat drink or meal also reduces GH
response by about 50%, and so do MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides),
an oil frequently used by athletes in place of fat.

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