Benefits of Arginine for Athletes

Up to 98% absorbed powerful and no waste

ARK 1TM has a unique formulation ensuring that in liquid form is up to 98% absorbed directly into the blood stream and into the cells within a matter of minutes. It does not have to worry about waiting until it arrives in your stomach where HCL (hydrochloric acid) must break it down and hope that it fully does before it enters your small intestine. According to the National Advisory Board, 100mg consumed in a tablet form translates into a minute stabilized 8.3mg concentration in the blood.

Proven to be safe

Arginine, the active ingredient in ARK 1TM , has been used safely in humans for the past 27 years. Thousands of professional athletes, as well as non-athletes have used arginine supplements with
no adverse side effects.

ARK 1TM was formulated by doctors and is promoted by doctors and is manufactured
in a FDA certified laboratory.

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