Australian Bush Flower Essences

Healing is promoted through the release of negative beliefs and by flooding ones being with the
positive virtues (love– joy– faith– courage etc.) inherent to the higher self. When this happens
the negative thoughts which cause the problems are dissolved and the balance restored, I have
seen amazing recoveries in the time I have been using them since 1994, nearly all the bush
essences were channelled by spirit to Ian White where to find them, their botanical name, their
familiar name and what they could be used for.

We make the remedies for patients after consultation normally, we do take calls by phone and
e-mail for people with problems who live to far a field, things like fear of flying, mood swings,
low energy, worry and physical problems can all be dealt with.

We can make combination essence for Personal power essence; Super Learning a must
for school children and anyone studying or trying to remember or learn a new skills
and abilities, Emergency essences; which has a calming affect on the mind, body
and emotions during minor and major crisis, it will quickly ease fear, panic, severe
mental or physical stress, nervous tension and pain. There are so many things
that I could write regarding the Australian Bush Flower Essences, because
I am passionate about them, we run a two day introduction course
“throughout the year” for therapists of all types and anyone interested
in their and their families well being.

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