About Betty Clarke

Betty is a qualified Clinical Homeopath. She specialises in Bacteria, Parasites, Virus, Fungal & Allergy health problems, with many years of experience in her field of healing using Bio-Electronic Functions Diagnostic as a proven method to diagnose!

She trained in London many years ago when she was as a Beautician & Masseuse and continued
with training in the Health & Healing field whilst bringing up two daughters. She has had many
animals including horses and has enjoyed good health and fitness all of her life.

After having an operation in 1987, her health suffered and she became allergic to many foods,
due to the copious amounts of antibiotics given due to a severe infection! At the time,
there were not many sources of advice, so she began to research the How and the Why?

She did her training as an Allergist at Derby Hospital, after training as a Healer &
Counsellor, she realised that health resulted from balance of Mind, Body & Spirit;
when you are out of balance; you become 'diseased'.

When 14, her youngest daughter was very ill, which led her to find a
solution to her ill health. The journey took her to Southampton, whereby
after meeting Adrian Lindermann, he then trained her in the
method known as Bio-Electronic Functions Diagnostic and Clinical
Homeopathy, for which she remains eternally grateful, allowing
her to help many other people back to full health.

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